MaMere's New Orleans Bed and Breakfast in Monmouth Oregon

January 24, 2012

Winter Time and the Living is STILL Easy!

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A new Living Social promotion on the horizon has me going back and looking at reviews, many of which I’ve not seen; I’m amazed at the generosity of my guests.  They seem to get something from this house that stays with them and I am so grateful to be a part of that.

Stirred to stillness by a sense of awe and gratitude, I take the time to look at the softly stunning portrait of MaMere (my grandmother) in the parlor and I realize that the house is a lot like this image:  colorful, unique, classic, and with a twinkle in her eye that invites you to look a little closer and find the laughter within.  She greets each visitor with a warm welcome as they cross the threshold and bids them safe and happy journey as they make their way out.

Rain dots the panes.  Winds assail the old, steady casings. No matter what comes, MaMere’s, true to her name, remains warm and cozy and inviting, a very safe harbor in the storm. My hope is always that our guests feel at home and able to truly rest.

The world is assaulted this winter with blusters and slides, water and ice, mist and darkness.  But, the light is on here so you can find us, me and MaMere. We hope that you come and find a warm spot to call your own for just a bit.  We hope that you come and find respite and enjoyment.  We hope that you come and find yourself.